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PROFI CLASS - Unicable (SCR) multiswitches

Unicable (SCR) multiswitches are designed for the distribution of satellite signals from up to 2 satellite positions (8 polarities) for up to 8 subscribers. The great advantage of this approach is that all subscribers are connected via common cable.
Unicable solution will attract those customers, who cannot afford star-topology cabling. Receivers and wall outlets compatible with Unicable technology are required.

Advantages of PROFI CLASS Unicable multiswitches
  • up to 8 users via single cable
  • support for Quad LNB (type MS8/1(8)PIN-4)
  • high output signal level


Type Inputs Outputs Description
MS5/5+2PEP-4 5 2 Unicable cascadable multiswitch for 1 satellite and up to 8 users, socket for external power supply
MS5/5+2PIP-4 5 2 Unicable cascadable multiswitch with integrated power supply for 1 satellite and up to 8 users
MS4/1(8)PIN-4 (P.200-P) 4 1 Unicable multiswitch with integrated power supply for 1 satellite and up to 8 users
MS8/1(8)PIN-4 8 1 Unicable multiswitch with integrated power supply for 2 satellites and up to 8 users
Useful information
  • Unicable multiswitch acts as a remote tuner; each receiver has assigned dedicated frequency, which carries transponder tuned by multiswitch. Frequency table is printed on product's sticker.
  • The system is not compatible with standard satellite reception; connected non-unicable receiver can paralyze whole system operation
  • Output line can be split into 2 or more branches by any splitter (provided that it passes DC voltage); total number or users however remains unchanged
  • Through wall outlets must pass DC from the satellite taps, tap loss in SAT band must be equal or higher than 10 dB
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