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E.LITE CLASS - Control and monitoring tools

Products in this group may be used either as universal diagnostic tools, or as permanent aids to receivers which do not support control commands required by connected slave devices. Any switching commands can be generated and monitored.

Main features of E.LITE CLASS tools:
  • support for 22kHz tone, DiSEqC 1.0
  • voltage or mechanical control
  • including non-configurable fixed tools


Type Inputs Outputs Description
G1/1ECN22kHz-1 (E.111) 1 1 22 kHz generator
G1/1ECN-1 (E.116) 1 1 DiSEqC 1.0 fixed position generator
G1/1ECN-1 (E.115) 1 1 DiSEqC 1.0 generator
G1/1ECNman-1 (E.115 Manual) 1 1
Useful information
  • To obtain high band signals from universal LNB or from multiswitch, use 22 kHz generator G1/1ECN22kHz-1
  • To route signals from second (third, fourth) LNB via DiSEqC multiswitch, use generators G1/1ECN-1 or G1/1ECNman-1; for permanent redirecting use fixed generators, see table:
    redirection to position position of mechanical switches (manual control) voltage on control inputs (voltage control) equivalent fixed generator
    B IN 3 - ON, IN 4 - OFF IN 3: 12V, IN 4: 0V G1/1ECNpos-1
    C IN 3 - OFF, IN 4 - ON IN 3: 0V, IN 4: 12V G1/1ECNopt-1
    D IN 3 - ON, IN 4 - ON IN 3: 12V, IN 4: 12V G1/1ECNposopt-1
  • To get signals from second feedhorn of Monoblock LNB use generators G1/1ECN-1 or G1/1ECNman-1; if you always need signals from second feedhorn, use fixed G1/1ECNpos-1 instead
  • Use Profi Class generators if DiSEqC 1.1 or 1.2 are required
  • Generators with DC control inputs are suitable as accessories to receivers with 12 V DC output; used connectors are Cinch (RCA) type
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