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NET CLASS - EoC standalone multiswitches

EoC standalone multiswitches are designed for the distribution of terrestrial and satellite signals along with data connectivity. We currently offer models for 1 to 4 LNBs and with 6 to 10 user outputs.

Main features of NET CLASS EoC multiswitches
  • support for Quattro LNB
  • active terrestrial input covers splitting losses
  • data link 100 Mbit/s over user coaxial cable
  • support of standards 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX
  • comply with applicable sections of IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.3x
  • external power supply (included in the package)


Type Inputs Outputs Description
MS5/6NEU-4 5 6 EoC multiswitch with external power supply, 100 Mbit/s
MS5/10NEU-4 5 10
MS5/16NEU-12 NEW 5 16
MS5/20NEU-12 NEW 5 20
MS9/6NEU-4 9 6
MS9/10NEU-4 9 10
MS9/16NEU-12 NEW 9 16
MS9/20NEU-12 NEW 9 20
MS13/6NEU-4 13 6
MS13/10NEU-4 13 10
MS13/16NEU-12 NEW 13 16
MS13/20NEU-12 NEW 13 20
MS17/6NEU-4 17 6
MS17/10NEU-4 17 10
MS17/16NEU-12 NEW 17 16
MS17/20NEU-12 NEW 17 20
Useful information
  • Connect outputs of Quattro LNB to appropriate inputs of multiswitch: VL - A, HL - B, VH - C, HH - D
  • Any standard wall socket may be connected to the multiswitch, however for data transmission is necessary EMP-Centauri NET CLASS wall socket
  • EMP-Centauri NET CLASS products are not compatible with similar products from other parties
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