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Frequently asked questions

Can I use the Quad LNB with the multiswitch?

The Quad LNBs can be used instead of Quattro LNB only if the multiswitch is able to generate required control signals for Quad LNBs. This feature is highlighted at the product's sticker.
In general, the PROFI CLASS multiswitches with build-in power supply support Quad LNBs, the E.LITE CLASS products require strictly Quattro LNBs. The specifications for each product are also available at this website.

Can I use Monoblock LNBs with the multiswitch?

The Monoblock LNBs do not work with multiswitches. Use individual LNBs instead of monoblocks.

The number of available outputs of the multiswitch is not sufficient. How can it be increased?

One possible solution is to use signal splitters and feed 2 multiswitches from the same antenna. This will double the number of outputs.
The Quattro LNB is prefered over Quad if splitters should be used.

There is an earth contact on the multiswitch. Should I use it? How?

The earth bonding is not necessary for proper operation of the multiswitch. It is, however, a means of safety precaution.
In general, follow the local safety regulations. Usually it should be connected to the main earth terminal of a building.

What is the maximum allowable length of coaxial cable?

It is not possible to specify any flat length, for it depends on many factors: signal power of given satellite, dish diameter and LNB gain, type of multiswitch and other devices included in the signal path. Substantial factor is the quality of coaxial cable, especially its thickness. Reliable reception can be expected at lengths up to 100 m (sum of all cable segments in the signal path) if quality componets are used.

One of households requires to add one more satellite. Can it be accomplished without replacing the existing multiswitch?

The extra satellite can be added to the selected user using special DiSEqC switch. The care must be given to selection of that switch, for it depend on the existing configuration. Contact our technical support for detailed guidance.

last update: 19-06-2014

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