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PROFI CLASS - Cascadable multiswitches

Cascadable multiswitches are designed for distribution of satellite signals from up to 8 satellite positions (32 polarities) for up to 64 subscribers with or without terrestrial television. Cascades are flexible, the number of satellite positions or subscribers can be easily adapted to local requirements.
Basic building block of cascade systems is cascadable multiswitch. EMP-Centauri offers units with up to 8 user outputs, with or without terrestrial band processing, with stepped loss to maintain balanced signal levels within whole system.

Advantages of PROFI CLASS multiswitches:
  • low insertion loss on trunk outputs
  • stepped insertion loss on user outputs
  • optionally passive terrestrial band
  • DC path from user outputs to trunk lines (PLP/PLN series only)


Type Inputs Outputs Description
MS4/4+4PCN-3 (P.144-A SAT) 4 4 Cascadable multiswitch, extension module with 4 user outputs
MS4/4+4PLN-3 4 4
MS4/4+8PCN-3 (P.145-A SAT) 4 8 Cascadable multiswitch, extension module with 8 user outputs
MS4/4+8PLN-3 4 8
MS3/3+4PLP-2 3 4 Cascadable multiswitch, passive terrestrial, 4 user outputs
MS5/5+4PCP-3 (P.144-A) 5 4
MS5/5+4PLP-3 5 4
MS3/3+8PLP-2 3 8 Cascadable multiswitch, passive terrestrial, 8 user outputs
MS5/5+8PCP-3 (P.145-A) 5 8
MS5/5+8PLP-3 5 8
Useful information
  • Maximum recommended number of user outputs in a single cascade is 64
  • Several single cascade systems can be tied together by active splitters
  • Smaller system build using PLP/PLN parts does not require power supply, all components incl. LNBs are supplied from receivers
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