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Fiber optic products

Fiber optic link is an advantageous supplement to traditional coaxial cables either in extensive distribution networks (with distances more than 100 metres) or in the cases where several coaxial systems should be feeded from remote antenna.
The basic components for building the fiber optic link is an optical transmitter and optical receiver.

4 years warranty


Type Inputs Outputs Description
OT17/1FEC-4 17 1 Optical transmitter, 16xSAT + TERR
OT18/1FED-4 18 1 Optical transmitter, 16xSAT + TERR + DATA
OT1/1+1PUU-2 1 2 Optical transmitter, 1xSAT + TERR
OT9/1FEC-4 9 1 Optical transmitter, 8xSAT + TERR


Type Inputs Outputs Description
OR1/17FUC-4 1 17 Optical receiver, 16xSAT + TERR
OR1/18FUD-4 1 18 Optical receiver, 16xSAT + TERR + DATA
OR1/1PCA-1 1 1 Optical receiver, 1xSAT + TERR
OR1/9FUC-4 1 9 Optical receiver, 8xSAT + TERR


Type Inputs Outputs Description
Fiber splitter PLC-A-1x16 1 16 Fiber splitter PLC-A-1x16
Fiber splitter PLC-A-1x2 1 2 Fiber splitter PLC-A-1x2
Fiber splitter PLC-A-1x4 1 4 Fiber splitter PLC-A-1x4
Fiber splitter PLC-A-1x8 1 8 Fiber splitter PLC-A-1x8
FC/UPC Attenuator 3dB 1 1 Optical Attenuator 3dB Singlemode
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