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Fiber optic products - Optical transmitters

Optical transmitters convert electrical signal from its input F-sockets to infrared light beam and insert it into optical fiber.


Type Inputs Outputs Description
OT13/1FEC-4 NEW 13 1 Optical transmitter, 12xSAT + TERR
OT14/1FED-4 NEW 14 1 Optical transmitter, 12xSAT + TERR + DATA
OT17/1FEC-4 NEW 17 1 Optical transmitter, 16xSAT + TERR
OT18/1FED-4 NEW 18 1 Optical transmitter, 16xSAT + TERR + DATA
OT1/1+1PUU-2 1 2 Optical transmitter, 1xSAT + TERR
OT9/1FEC-4 NEW 9 1 Optical transmitter, 8xSAT + TERR
OT10/1FED-4 NEW 10 1 Optical transmitter, 8xSAT + TERR + DATA
Useful information
  • The single optical link can transmit both terrestrial and satellite bands
  • Use single mode fiber optic cable terminated with proper connectors
  • Take care of recommended input signal levels:
    Optical link configurationMinMax
    Transmitter – receiver, direct connection45 dBuV85 dBuV
    Transmitter – 2way splitter – receiver50 dBuV85 dBuV
    Transmitter – 4way splitter – receiver55 dBuV85 dBuV
    Transmitter – 8way splitter – receiver60 dBuV85 dBuV
    Transmitter – 16way splitter – receiver65 dBuV85 dBuV
    Transmitter – 32way splitter – receiver70 dBuV85 dBuV
  • Optical splitters can be used to split the light in several fiber link to feed more optical receivers, output signal strength depends on applied splitting ratio:
    RF Signal level performanceRF gain / loss
    Transmitter – receiver, direct connection10 dB (gain)
    Transmitter – 2way splitter – receiver4 dB (gain)
    Transmitter – 4way splitter – receiver-2 dB (loss)
    Transmitter – 8way splitter – receiver-8 dB (loss)
    Transmitter – 16way splitter – receiver-14 dB (loss)
    Transmitter – 32way splitter – receiver-20 dB (loss)
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