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pocinovany plech

The company EMP-Centauri s.r.o offer now includes  tin-plated metal sheets in two thicknesses:

  0.32 mm - dimension of the sheet: 801 x 940 mm - weight:   1.9 kg  
  0.60 mm - dimension of the sheet: 836 x 640 mm - weight:   2.49 kg  

Note: The real dimensions may slightly differ. Please check the actual dimensions with our sales department at

The plate is suitable for use in electrical engineering for production of metal boxes, in food industry for production of cake molds, pans and rings, for modelling etc.

We offer:

  • selling from one plate up to several tons
  • cut-outs from the basic plate with dimensions of your choice
  • production of boxes of any size
  • hole cutting to the sheet or boxes within the technological limits

For prices and shipment please ask our sales department.

The price of customer products will be specified on individual basis.

The transportation costs:
Plates are either available for purchase at manufacturer's site or we send them by a carrier. The transportation costs are negotiated individually and charged to the customer.

The orders can be placed:

  • via e-mail sent to

last update: 15-01-2018

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