Product description:

OT5/1FEC-4 is coaxial-to-fiber converter (optical transmitter) for 4 satellite inputs and one terrestrial input.
It is powered from power supply 12V (included in package) and passes power also to connected Quattro LNBs (Quad LNB is not supported).
Singlemode fiber is required.
When connecting the optical transmitter and receiver directly over a shorter distance without optical attenuation (eg splitter), we recommend inserting the SC/APC Attenuator 3dB-6dB Optical Attenuation.

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Brief specification:

Inputs5 x F-connector (4 x SAT, 1 x TERR)
Inputs – Frequency rangeSAT 950–2150 MHz, TERR 40–862 MHz
Maximum Input Level85 dBuV
Outputs1 optical (SC/APC), single mode
Maximum split ratio1:32
Optical wavelengths1270–1350 nm
Current consumption0.25 A (12 V DC) + LNB
Dimensions (w,d,h)18,5 x 14,5 x 9,0 cm
Temperature range-25 – +50 oC
Housing materialAluminium