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EMP-Centauri company, since its founding in 1995, develops and manufactures electronic and electrical equipment. Main company's products are intended primarily for distribution of satellite and terrestrial television signals, radio, data and Internet.

The devices developed and manufactured by us differ from competing products by their specific design that allows transmission of data and signals over a single coaxial cable to the user while maintaining a user-friendly price, which simplifies requirements for the installation of our equipment at the customer, saves time and work done by installer and ultimately provides the customer higher added value.

The company's products are exported to many countries in the world, the installations with our products can be found in a number of buildings in Europe and in the world. Our team builds on more than 20 years of experience in development and production in this segment.

Thanks to that and to our unique technology, we can offer to customers products at an affordable price while maintaining high quality and value.

Modulator MOD2/1DEL-15

Modulator MOD2/1DEL-15

Product description:

The modulator has one HDMI input and one DVB-T/ATSC/DTMB standard RF output. It also supports playback from PC via USB to DVB-T/ATSC/DTMB.
Designed for real time encoding of any HDCP compliant signal and sending it out via built in frequency DVB modulator. Produces excellent quality signal output with 40 dB MER, compatible with a variety digital TV tuners.
The model MOD2/1DEH-15 offers high level output signal.
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last update: 11-10-2017

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