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Can I use the Quad converter for the multiswitch?


Quad LNB can be connected to a multiswitch only if the multiswitch generates control signals for the Quad LNB. This feature is marked on the product sticker.
Roughly speaking, PROFI CLASS multiswitches with built-in power supplies support Quad LNB, while the E.LITE CLASS products only support the Quattro LNB. The product specifications are available on this site.

Can I use the Monoblok LNB for the multiswitch?


Monoblocks do not work with multiswitches. Use individual converters.

The number of multiswitch outputs is not sufficient. How can it be increased?


One possible solution is to divide the signals from a common LNB into multiple multiswitches using the so-called hubs. This way you can, for example, double the number of outputs.
It is recommended to use the Quattro LNB in ??connection with hubs.

There is a ground contact on the multiswitch. Should I engage him? How?


The earthing of the metal body of the multiswitch is not necessary for its function. It is, however, a way of protecting against dangerous overvoltages.
First of all, follow the applicable safety regulations. Usually this means that the multiswitch connects to the point of the protective connection in the building.

What is the maximum allowable length of the coaxial line?


The maximum allowable length can not be fixed at a fixed rate because it depends on many circumstances: the signal strength of the desired satellite, the size of the antenna and the gain of the converter, the type of multiswitch and other devices embedded in the signal path. The coaxial cable, especially its thickness, has a strong influence. When using high-quality components, reliable operation is also expected on a 100 m cable (this is the sum of all the cable sections that the signal must pass).

One of the households in a block of flats requires receiving from another satellite. Is it possible to do this without changing an existing multiswitch?


The new satellite can be added to the subscriber line using a special DiSEqC switch. The selection of this switch must be given increased attention because its type must match the existing installation. Please contact our technical support to recommend a specific product.

Optical transmission systems

Is it possible to transfer data along with TV signals?


Yes, you can … bidirectionally … with FED / FUD product variants


What is maximum split ratio?




What optical cable can I use?


    • single mode …


Can Quad LNB be used?


    No, only Quattro LNB

Ethernet over Coax

Can another device be inserted between multiswitch and a socket?




Can a 50 Ohm cable be used?


No, only 75 Ohm!


Must be multiswitch’s outputs terminated?


Not necessary, but we recommend a 75 Ohm with DC insulation


Can be EMP-Centauri EoC devices combined with third-party technologies?