Sheet Metal Processing

We are a company from the Czech Republic which is engaged in the development and production of electronic communication equipment, including the relevant metalworking. Due to the solid machinery of our production facilities, we would like to offer you the possibility of custom production for us for your company.
  • production of semi-finished products (co-operation) and finished products
  • sheet metal machining with Boschert and Dener 0.3-1.5mm (0.6-2.0mm Aluminum) cnc
  • sheet metal machining with eccentric and crimping presses up to 25 tons
  • custom electroproduction – PCB installation including SMD, RF electronics
  • sheet metal production, spot welding, riveting
  • specialization in the production of tinplate packaging from tinned or galvanized steel sheet, aluminum (including anodised or surface treated) and stainless steel.
  • sale of metal sheets to thickness. 1 mm
  • Sale of sheet metal from 1 sheet up to x tons
  • cut any large piece of sheet metal from the baseplate
  • Production of cans of almost any size
  • Cutting the holes into a sheet or box as much as possible

Our EMP-Centauri s.r.o offers both new   electrolytically tinned sheet metal in two thicknesses:

  • 0,32 mm – board size: 884 x 850 mm – blackboard: 2,03 kg
  • 0,60 mm – board size: 955 x 1015 mm – blackboard: 4,53 kg

Note: Actual dimensions may differ somewhat from the above. Learn about the current status of the sales department, .

Sheet metal is suitable for use in electrotechnics, in the field of packaging, in food for molds, molds, cakes and yacute molds, cutters, for model etc.

We offer:

  • sell sheet metal from 1 board to x tons
  • cut any large piece of sheet metal from the baseboard
  • making boxes of any size
  • cut holes in sheet metal or box