PCBs Assembly

We offer:

  • assembly of printed circuit boards in antistatic environment
  • flexible delivery of assembled one-sided and double sided printed circuit boards in large, middle and small volume series. We perform SMT assembly at our fully automatic SMT lines. Solder paste is applied at MPM UP 2 000 screen printer. SMD components are placed at FUJI CP 643, FUJI CP 43, FUJI QP242 and JUKI KE 750L. Chip size from 0402 (1 x 0,5 mm ) is possible. For reflow process we use Vitronics and Conceptronic ovens. Output automatic optical inspection is preformed by Hypervision machine.
  • manual assembly and soldering of printed circuit boards supplied by customer.
  • we can arrange production of bare boards and supplies of components, eventually functional tests of assembled boards. We are well equipped with RF test equipment.

For production we require below data:

  • assembly drawing
  • list of material
  • components coordinates

We also offer cutting out of metal plates up to the thickness 1,5 mm on the state of art BOSCHERT machine.
We provide offers according the design documentation.
The company processes are ISO 9001 certified.

Design and Consultancy

Our consultancy service is based on a thorough understanding of our customers’ needs.

Our specialized and professionally educated consultant will discuss your specific requirements and will recommend you a technical solution. If necessary, we will prepare a detailed Memorandum of Understanding to confirm what needs to be achieved.

  • Satellite and terrestrial TV distribution systems
  • Networks
  • Cabling systems
  • Technical requirements for products according to valid standards

Our people have invaluable experience of projects ranging in scope from home systems to medium or large networks of over hundreds of outlets.

Our consultants are able to fulfil many requirements:

  • Specification
  • Technical Advice
  • Project Management
  • Troubleshooting
  • Post-installation Management Advice
  • Installation Upgrade

Contact information:

EMP–Centauri s.r.o.
ul. 5. kvetna, 339 01 Klatovy
tel: +420 376 323 813, +420 376 314 852
e-mail: info@emp-centauri.cz