UVC device for upper respiratory protection:
– very light and comfortable construction, it can be worn in front of the face
– unlike face masks and respirators, there is minimal contact with the face
– inhaled and exhaled air is cleaned with the help of UVC light in the disinfection chamber from viruses and bacteria with high efficiency
– unlike face masks and respirators, the device is also effective against viruses and bacteria floating freely in the air
– the high effectiveness of the device is independent of mutations in bacteria and viruses
– suitable as protection against all types of viruses and bacteria, including coronaviruses
– UVC light is perfectly isolated in the disinfection chamber from the surroundings
– the open design allows easy breathing and forced supply of more oxygen than normal breathing
– thanks to the aerated construction it is easy to talk, the sound is not muffled by the filters
– the self-cleaning system keeps the device internally sterilized and disinfected for a long time
– the device can be used repeatedly and for a long time for months and longer
– significant separation of inhaled purified air from the surrounding atmosphere
– the device can be operated in full power mode and in economy mode
– the device is electrically powered by batteries
– industrially protected technology



Equipment parameters (preliminary):
Maximum speed of purified air supply from the surrounding atmosphere: 0.075 m3 / min.
Acoustic noise level: 18.5 dB (A)
Expected minimum service life: 2000 hours.
Degree of protection: IP32
Operating temperature range: -20 +50 ° C
Operating voltage: 14V DC
Current consumption in economic mode: 150mA
Maximum possible current consumption: 450mA
Isolated radiant power in the UVC range: 150mW max.
Dimensions of the main body: 110 x 80 x 60 mm
Weight without batteries: 0.12kg
Battery capacity: by type

Manufacturer: EMP-Centauri s.r.o., 5. Kvetna 690, 33901 Klatovy, Czech Republic (founded in 1995 year)
Made in the Czech Republic, EU