Effective protection against bacteria and viruses:
– very light (approx. 70gr.), comfortable construction
– can be easily and quickly put in front of the face and removed again
– there is minimal or almost no contact with the face
– inhaled and exhaled air is cleaned of viruses and bacteria with high efficiency
– the device is also effective against viruses and bacteria floating freely in the air, the efficiency is independent of mutations of bacteria and viruses
– suitable as protection against all types of viruses and bacteria, including coronaviruses
– UVC light is perfectly isolated in the disinfection chamber from the surroundings
– open construction with active very quiet ventilation supports easy breathing and forced supply of more oxygen than normal breathing, which will be appreciated by people with breathing difficulties
– thanks to the aerated construction it is easy to talk, the sound is not muffled by the filters
– the self-cleaning system keeps the equipment internally sterilized and disinfected for a long time
– can be used repeatedly and for a long time
– can be supplied in 3 sizes: S, M, L
– charger and battery included
– patent pending

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