Product description:

8in/1out switch designed for direct connection of up to 8 SAT IF inputs to one receiver. Inputs are selected by DiSEqC 1.1 command “uncommitted switch” or by DiSEqC 1.2 command “Goto nn”. The switch is mechanically designed in such a way that a number of them can be stacked together.
Appropriate LNB types must be used: Twin, Quad or Octo according to number of stacked modules.

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Brief specification:

Frequency rangeSat. inputs950-2300 MHz
Output950-2300 MHz
ControlDiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 commands
Insertion loss5 dB avg
Sat. inputs isolation25 dB min
Power consumptionFrom receiver50 mA (18 V) + LNB
DC current pass400 mA max
Dimensions (w,d,h)13.6 x 10.4 x 3.3 cm
Temperature range-30 ~ +70 °C


Examples of utilization:

Example No. 1

Example No. 2

Example No. 3

Example No. 4