Product description:

FS-60F is the high-precision fusion splicer, with high-speed image processing and special precision positioning technology.

HIGH-PRECISION IN SHORT TIME: The high-precision fusion splicer, with high-speed image processing technology and special precision positioning technology, can complete the whole process of fiber fusion splicing automatically in 9 seconds
CONNECTION OF OPTICAL FIBERS: This machine is mainly used for the connection of optical fibers, which can be further connected with ordinary optical fiber cables, jumpers and multiple single-mode, multi-mode and dispersion-shifted quartz optical
CONVENIENT AND PORTABLE TO USE: Characterized by light weight, easy to carry and convenient to operate, fast splicing speed and low loses, it is especially suitable for optical fiber and cable projects, maintenance scientific research and teaching in telecommunications, radio and television, railway, petrochemical, electric power, military and public security and other communications fields
GOOD QUALITY: Fibers with a cladding diameter of 50um-150um. Keep it clean and protect it against strong vibrations and shocks.Lighting is convenient for optical fiber installation in the evening
3 in 1 UNIVERSAL FIXTURE – no need to replace anything, applicable to optical bare fiber, jumper pigtail, leather cable
PLUGGABLE INDEPENDENT BATTERY DESIGN – built-in lithium battery 11.8V power supply, external charging adapter 100-240V AC / 13,5V DC 4,8A included, charging time les than 3,5hours, the battery can provide enough energy for continuous welding and heating of 250 cycles
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Optical fiber clamp
Multi-function clamp for bare fiber, tail fiber, jumpers,leather line; changing clamp applicable for sC and otherconnectors for a
variety of FTTx optical fiber and cable.
Amplification factor
300 times (x axis or Y axis)
Heat shrink bush
60mm、40mm and a series of miniature bush
5.0 inches TFT color LCD display Reversible, convenient for bi-directional operation
External interface
USB interface,convenient for data download and software upgrade
Splicing mode
17 groups of operation modes
Heating mode
9 groups of operation modes
Splicing loss storage
5000 latest splicing results are stored in the built-in storage.
Built in battery
Supports continuous splicing and heating for not less than 200 times
Power supply
The built-in lithium battery 11.8V supplies the power,charging time≤3.5h;External adapter,input AC100-240V50/60HZ,output
Power saving
15% of the power of the lithium battery can be savedin a typical environment.
Working environment
Temperature:-10~+50℃,Humidity :
Outer dimension
205mm (long) x140mm (wide) x123mm (high)
Convenient for optical fiber installation in the evening
1434g (excl. battery) 1906g (incl. battery)

Accessories included:

  • machine strap
  • the power adapter
  • coolong frame
  • instructions manual
  • learther pliers
  • three port fiber stripper
  • optical fiber cutter
  • packing box
  • protractor
  • empty alcohol bottle
  • tweezers
  • folding bench