Product description:

Designed to convert separate audio and video composite signals (from a video camera, VCR, satellite receiver, DVD player, etc.) into standard UHF TV signals that you can see on any regular TV set.
In the era of 4K digital television, this device may seem quite outdated, but overwhelming majority of TV sets still feature an analog tuner. Also many devices, for example, security cameras have a component output.
Since the composite output is not designed to transmit video over a long distance, this modulator will be the best solution for combining multiple devices with this output into common network and transmitting a video/audio signal over a coaxial cable to several TVs or other devices. Also, this kind of solution is very cheap and requires neither special knowledge or skills for installation and configuration.
Big 4-digit LED display. External power supply (included).

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Brief specification:

Parameter Condition Value
Frequency range Output UHF band 474 – 858 MHz (21 – 69 Ch)
Inputs RCA type composite video 1-2Vpp, 75 Ohm
R/L Audio -20dB, 25 KOhm
Output TV standard PAL B, G, H, I, M, N
Audio sub-carrier 4.5, 5.5, 6.0, 6.5 MHz (selectable)
Output level “F” type connector 75 Ohm 75 dBµV
Power consumption 2.1×5.5mm jack 9-18V, 1.2W (Normal 12V, 100 mA)
Temperature range -20 ~ +60 °C


Examples of utilization: