Product description:

The optical multiswitch is a device with integrated optical receiver and multiswitch in one common housing. The OMS10/10 optical multiswitch system can be used for reception of not only satellite and terrestrial TV signals via its single mode SC/APC optical input, but Gigabit speed data as well. The system is designed for reception of complete TV signals of two satellites, terrestrial TV and Gigabit data via the SC/APC optical input of multiswitch. It is equipped with 10 subscriber coaxial outputs made of 75 ohm F connectors, for direct connection of satellite set top boxes. Moreover, the multiswitch is equipped with additional SC/APC optical connector for connection of data terminal (ONU).

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Brief specification:



Main optical input/output

SC/APC single mode, 1270-1430nm, 1490nm

GPON/EPON optical input/output

SC/APC single mode, 1310 & 1490 nm

RF outputs

10 x F-connector (16 x SAT, 1 x TERR)

RF outputs – Frequency range

SAT 950 – 2150 MHz, TERR 40 – 862 MHz

Main optical input power range

-20 …. +5 dBm

RF output signal level range

+58 …. +100dBuV

GPON/EPON maximum data speed

2.5Gbps uplink/downlink

GPON/EPON optical signal loss

2.0 +- 1dB

Compatible optical transmitter


Maximum number of optical splits between OT10/1FUC-4 and OMS10/10


Current consumption

0.18 A (12 V DC)

Dimensions (w,d,h)

25.5 x 18,0 x 7,0 cm

Operating temperature range

-25 – +60 °C

Housing material


RF Signal level performance based on optical link configuration

Recommended input RF level of OT10/1FUC-4:



RF gain / loss

Transmitter – Optical multiswitch, direct connection

45 dBuV

85 dBuV

15 dB (gain)

Transmitter – 2way splitter (PLC) – Optical multiswitch

50 dBuV

85 dBuV

4 dB (gain)

Transmitter – 4way splitter (PLC) – Optical multiswitch

55 dBuV

85 dBuV

-2 dB (loss)

Transmitter – 8way splitter (PLC) – Optical multiswitch

60 dBuV

85 dBuV

-8 dB (loss)

Transmitter – 16way splitter (PLC) – Optical multiswitch

65 dBuV

85 dBuV

-14 dB (loss)

Transmitter – 32way splitter (PLC) – Optical multiswitch

70 dBuV

85 dBuV

-20 dB (loss)

Transmitter – 64way splitter (PLC) – Optical multiswitch

75 dBuV

85 dBuV

-25 dB (loss)

Examples of utilization: