Product description:

Professional optical power meter WT-3226A with full warranty for 1 year. It is designed for optical systems and installations covering wavelengths from 1270 to 1610 nm. It measures and monitors the optical power and attenuation value for all 18 CWDM channels from a wavelength of 1270 nm to 1610 nm. All wavelengths are tested simultaneously and the results are displayed on the LCD screen. It is characterized by simple operation, fast response and high measurement accuracy, making it an ideal tester for the installation and maintenance of optical systems. You can save results or download results of up to 1000 tests via a USB port. The device is equipped with a color TFT-LCD display with a resolution of 320*240 pixels. Dynamic range +10 to -40dBm. Resolution 0.01dB, measurement accuracy +-0.5dB. Optical interface /connector/ on the FC/PC. The device is equipped with a rechargeable battery and comes with an external power supply. Battery life on a single charge is 10 hours. Instrument dimensions 220cm*110cm*70cm, weight 850g. The warranty on the device is 1 year.

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