Product description:

Optical multiswitch system to receive complete TV signals of  two satellites via single optical link. The optical multiswitch is a device with integrated optical receiver and multiswitch in one common housing. It is equipped with just one input for connecting of single mode optical cable from optical transmitter output. The complete TV signals of two satellites and terrestrial TV are received from the optical transmitter via the SC/APC optical input. The subscriber coaxial outputs are made of 75 ohm F connectors. The optical multiswitch is offered with 10 subscriber outputs for direct connection of satellite set top boxes.

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Brief specification:

Parameter Value
Inputs 1 optical (SC/APC), single mode
Optical wavelenghts 1270 – 1430 nm
Outputs 10 x F-connector (4 x SAT, 1 x TERR)
Outputs – Frequency range SAT 950 – 2150 MHz, TERR 40 – 862 MHz
Optical input power -20 …. +5 dBm
Output Signal Level Range +58 …. +100dBuV
Compatible optical transmitter OT9/1FUC-4
Maximum number of optical splits between OT9/1FUC-4 and OMS9/10 64
Current consumption 0.18 A (12 V DC)
Dimensions (w,d,h) 25.5 x 18,0 x 7,0 cm
Operating temperature range -25 – +60 °C
Housing material Aluminium
RF Signal level performance based on optical link configuration
Recommended input RF level of OT9/1FUC-4:
min. max. RF gain / loss
Transmitter – Optical multiswitch, direct connection 45 dBuV 85 dBuV 15 dB (gain)
Transmitter – 2way splitter (PLC) – Optical multiswitch 50 dBuV 85 dBuV 4 dB (gain)
Transmitter – 4way splitter (PLC) – Optical multiswitch 55 dBuV 85 dBuV -2 dB (loss)
Transmitter – 8way splitter (PLC) – Optical multiswitch 60 dBuV 85 dBuV -8 dB (loss)
Transmitter – 16way splitter (PLC) – Optical multiswitch 65 dBuV 85 dBuV -14 dB (loss)
Transmitter – 32way splitter (PLC) – Optical multiswitch 70 dBuV 85 dBuV -20 dB (loss)
Transmitter – 64way splitter (PLC) – Optical multiswitch 75 dBuV 85 dBuV -25 dB (loss)

Examples of utilization: