Product description:

OT1 / 1FEC is a converter of terrestrial and satellite TV and radio RF electrical signals for transmission via optical fiber (optical transmitter).
Power supply is possible via a DC connector.
The transmitter is intended for use with single-mode optical fiber (“Singlemode”).
When connecting the optical transmitter and optical receiver directly over a shorter distance without optical attenuation (eg an optical splitter), we recommend inserting at least 3 dB SC/APC optical attenuation between them.

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Brief specification:

Inputs1 coaxial
Outputs1 optical
frequency range70–2150 MHz
maximum split ratio64
minimum Input Level45 dBuV
maximum Input Level90 dBuV*
current consumption(avg)70 mA (12 V)
dimensions (w,d,h)150x60x50mm
optical wavelength1270 nm or other of the CWDM range
optical input power0 dBm
connectorsF (coaxial), SC/APC (optical)
temperature range–30 °C – +60 °C

* TERR: EN 50083-3/60dB IMA3 [dBuV]; SAT: EN 50083-3/35dB IMA3 [dBuV]

Table of resulting attenuation of optical link with OT1/1FEC transmitter and OR1/1FUC receiver:

Optical link configuration

Total attenuation* in range 70-2150 MHz

Transmitter – attenuation 6 dB – receiver

0 dB

Transmitter – 4-way splitter – receiver

0 dB

Transmitter – 8-way splitter – receiver

loss 5 dB

Transmitter – 16-way splitter – receiver

loss 10 dB

* indicative values

Examples of utilization: