Product description:

OR1/1FUC is a back-converter of fiber optic transmission to electrical signals (optical receiver). DC power is expected to be supplied either via the coaxial output or from DC socket.
It is necessary to always insert optical splitter or at least optical attenuator 3 dB between the transmitter OT1/1FEC and receiver OR1/1FUC.
Singlemode fiber is required.

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Brief specification:

Inputs1 optical
Outputs1 coaxial
frequency range70–2150 MHz
current consumption (avg)20 mA (12 V)
dimensions (w,d,h)150x60x50mm
optical wavelength1260–1620 nm
maximum optical input power+2 dBm
connectorsF (coaxial), SC/APC (optical)
temperature range–30 °C – +60 °C

* TERR: EN 50083-3/60dB IMA3 [dBuV]; SAT: EN 50083-3/35dB IMA3 [dBuV]

Table of resulting attenuation of optical link with OT1/1FEC transmitter and OR1/1FUC receiver:

Optical link configuration

Total attenuation* in range 70-2150 MHz

Transmitter – attenuation 6 dB – receiver

0 dB

Transmitter – 4-way splitter – receiver

0 dB

Transmitter – 8-way splitter – receiver

loss 5 dB

Transmitter – 16-way splitter – receiver

loss 10 dB

* indicative values

Examples of utilization: