Product description:

1in/2out wideband passive tap can be used for distributing signals in terrestrial and/or satellite frequency bands. Level balancing of whole system can be achieved by using different tap loss versions. We therefore offer this product with tap loss stepped from 9 to 20 dB (part types T1/1+1ENP8dB-1, T1/1+1ENP12dB-1, T1/1+1ENP16dB-1, T1/1+1ENP20dB-1).

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Brief specification:

Frequency range5-2150 MHz
Tap lossT1/1+1ENP8dB-19 dB max
T1/1+1ENP12dB-112 dB max
T1/1+1ENP16dB-116 dB max
T1/1+1ENP20dB-120 dB max
Trunk loss2.5 dB max
Dimensions (w,d,h)5.4 x 6.0 x 3.2 cm
Temperature range-25 ~ +60 °C